Meet Black Trans Media 

We are #blacktranseverything

storytellers, organizers, poets, healers, filmmakers, facilitators
here to confront racism and transphobia

trans people of the diaspora

committed to decolonizing media and community education

We are not a 501C3/non profit organization, we believe in being an autonomous black trans led project that works outside the non profit industrial complex model. We are a fiscally sponsored project of Alliance for Global Justice 
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Sasha Alexander
Olympia Perez
Content Director


I'm Sasha Alexander Founder of Black Trans Media. I organize and facilitate black trans cultural space addressing issues of racism and transphobia. I work to build and connect black trans folks to eachother thru  multi-media art, community projects, leadership development, organizing, and events. I work to  develop the sustainability and visibility of Black Trans Media and our peoples. 


Here's a litte more about me:


I'm Olympia Perez Content Director of Black Trans Media. 

I support, update, and maintain content online reflecting the power, struggles, and beauty of black trans life. I'm an artist and filmmaker, facilitator and educator. I build, develop, and document community projects, events, and actions strengthening the direction, analysis, and leadership of Black Trans Media and our poeples.


  Here's a bit about me:


SASHA ALEXANDER. is a trans-racially adopted, mixed race black/south asian, queer, trans, educator, facilitator, multi-media artist, healer, and community organizer. Over the last 15 years Sasha has built and collaborated with local and national youth empowerment, social justice, and media organizations working for gender, economic, and racial justice. Sasha is the Founder of Black Trans Media, a project addressing the intersections of racism and transphobia by amplifying the narratives of black trans people, creating media for and by the black trans community. Sasha prefers the pronouns he/she/they and that you mix it up.

OLYMPIA PEREZ was born in Maryland, and raised in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. She is full time student, healer, artist, poet and an educator. She is a trans warrior who currently works in the public health field working to dismantle the failed ideologies that don't serve her Trans community. She enjoys adventures with her husband Sasha <3, she enjoys reading, writing and her time with yellow cats. She is the Content Director of Black Trans Media. Her preferred pronouns are Her-she like the chocolate bar.


#blacktranseverything #blacktransloveiswealth #blacktransfutures

Help us thrive and stay alive!


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